Case Study: Adare International


Adare International is a global marketing services provider delivering innovative, integrated marketing solutions to clients around the world. It services clients such as Pfizer, Coca-Cola, Unilever and the Hilton Group and has operations in 40 countries. Adare operate in an intensely competitive sector: £multi-million, multi-year contracts with global brands requiring dedication, exemplary service levels and competitive pricing sourced from highly qualified suppliers using unique technology solutions.


Adare use PDQ Sales Hub (white labelled ‘IP3’) to win, service and retain prestigious clients and stay ahead of global competitors. With PDQ, clients can request pricing and receive competitive quotes from a pre-approved panel of print suppliers, within just a few minutes.

Clients and Adare account managers can specify a wide range of printed materials using intuitive online product templates that are automatically routed to PDQ’s unique estimating engine. The PDQ engine can interrogate every potential production scenario to deliver the most economical way to produce the required product; all within a few seconds.

The PDQ solution provides Adare and its customers with a real time view of market prices, trusted by both buyers and suppliers. And, as Adare’s clients operate across multiple time zones, PDQ can deliver live pricing whenever it is needed. Adare buyers know that with the optimum pricing delivered from the marketplace of approved suppliers, they can quickly provide an accurate quotation to customers, without the need to re-negotiate.

Costs such as materials, production, packing and delivery are entered and maintained by suppliers within an easy to use self-service portal. It is real time and trusted to produce accurate pricing every time. Suppliers are in control of their pricing and can adjust the parameters based on their appetite for work.  For many suppliers, PDQ has enabled them to cut estimating costs and respond more quickly to more opportunities – with a resultant improvement of revenues and margins. Moreover, an increasing number of suppliers are integrating PDQ into their own production workflow – reducing administration overhead, re-keying errors and saving time.


Adare process thousands of quotations each month in PDQ from dozens of approved suppliers. Average quote response time is less than 2 seconds with an error rate that is practically zero. This speed of response and accuracy makes for a happy team of professionals who are left to concentrate on servicing the needs of many of the world’s biggest brands; rather than chasing its supply chain.

The bottom line

Jamie Overland, Adare International Director of Strategic Sourcing:

“Our clients and suppliers trust PDQ to deliver accurate market pricing within seconds. It is key to our ongoing success”