Case Study: Cliffe Enterprise


The management at Cliffe Enterprise is one of the UK’s most experienced print procurement teams. The company provides creative services, print fulfilment, storage, pick, pack and distribution to medium and large organisations across the UK. Its continual commitment to innovation, excellence and service has enabled Cliffe to achieve consistent growth over the last 25 years.

In the early days of the business, systems were predominantly manual. The process of capturing client requirements, inviting suppliers to bid and producing quotes for clients relied on telephone calls, emails and spreadsheets. As the business grew, the management team identified that estimating was holding the business back. The team saw that delays in responding to clients was losing it opportunities and manual estimates were often costly to produce and error prone. Whilst client tenders presented significant revenue opportunities, the amount of administration involved from both Cliffe and its suppliers often prevented effective responses.

Feedback from suppliers also highlighted the burden on printers. The time and cost of preparing and submitting quotes manually was becoming prohibitive and an increasing number of print suppliers simply declined to quote. The management team at Cliffe knew that technology was the answer to efficient estimating. They reviewed many systems but found most were focused on manufacturing businesses and not suited to print management. Cliffe Enterprise then discovered PDQ Sales Hub from Haybrooke and its business was transformed.


Cliffe found that Haybrooke were experts in its own field and that PDQ fitted its needs perfectly. As part of the implementation process, Cliffe undertook a thorough review of its suppliers and identified a number of gaps in capability and service quality. To help address this need, Haybrooke analysed the profile of the printers using PDQ and shortlisted the highest performing printers. As a result of this assessment, Haybrooke was able to recommend suitably qualified suppliers to Cliffe who added them to its approved list.

Clients and the team at Cliffe use PDQ to enter specifications into structured online forms. This approach maximises accuracy and minimises time and errors. The forms in PDQ are designed to capture a wide range of print, POS, direct mail and related services. Critically, the accuracy of the pricing generated is trusted by both Cliffe and its suppliers. This is vital, as it eliminates the need to continually check costings or make calls to negotiate better pricing. This saves time and has dramatically improved supplier relationships.


Cliffe has enjoyed an increase in revenues as a direct result of adopting PDQ. In particular PDQ has given Cliffe instant access to live market pricing from approved suppliers. It has also removed the time consuming and sometimes confrontational need to negotiate with the supply chain – prices submitted are competitive and trusted by both parties.

The speed of response provided by PDQ means that Cliffe’s price is the first price delivered to its client or prospect. More often than not they become the chosen supplier as a result. As PDQ calculates every production variable and returns optimum prices in just a few seconds, Cliffe’s team can assess many options and provide its clients with alternatives during meetings or while on a phone call. And, with such an efficient automated process, Cliffe’s team is freed up from administration to spend more time with clients and to focus on higher value tasks and more complex projects.

The bottom line

Ben Algar, Commercial Director:

“We trust PDQ to provide live market prices in just a few seconds. The speed and accuracy of quoting has helped us grow our business significantly”.