Desktop PDQ

Desktop PDQ can be deployed by printing companies as an expert estimating system on PC’s and other devices for use by not only experienced estimators; but staff with only a limited knowledge of printed products.

Despite its ease of use, Desktop PDQ is a real printer’s estimating tool. The development of the software has focused around printers and it was built as an expert solution that can produce a quote and output a technical specification detailed enough to be transferred directly into a third-party management information system (MIS), If needed.


As an ‘expert’ estimating system Desktop PDQ uses a sophisticated mathematical algorithm to check every possible production method available to the printer in order to determine the most cost-effective method of producing a job. It simultaneously calculates a carbon footprint for each part of the production processes using an energy / CO2 equivalence formula, displaying the total carbon footprint for each specification calculated. This allows the user to not only compare the fiscal cost of each job, but also the environmental cost.

MIS Connectivity

Most printers choose to use Desktop PDQ as a stand-alone solution. However, it optionally connects via an XML/JDF file transfer protocol to many well-known MIS packages. This data ‘bridge’, between Desktop PDQ and an incumbent MIS, brings the benefits of a more streamlined, integrated workflow, when it is required.