John Roche

Chief Executive Officer

“Since 2006, Haybrooke Associates has operated under the mantra of ‘build it; and they will come’.

Well, we built it; and they are coming.

To help us achieve our goal of becoming a market-leading procurement solution, we recruited the best development talent from around the globe. We invested heavily in our platform infrastructure and technology choices and used these to build upon our already world-class instant pricing algorithm. As a result, I have watched our solution grow into its own skin in a way that, at times, I could scarcely imagine would be possible.

What this has given to me – and to the wider procurement sector – is a product that can now be considered at the top-end of the instant print pricing solutions marketplace. The path has been challenging at times, like every journey that has any value or meaning ought to be. But the outcome has been worth the wait; a truly disruptive procurement technology. A platform to change a marketplace.

I am justly proud of what Haybrooke has achieved and humbled by the efforts of the people around me, whose patience, tenacity and sheer brilliance can never be overstated. It is proof, were it ever needed, that the collective efforts of a small, but dedicated team of people can move mountains.”

Alan Roche

Alan Roche

Chief Financial Officer

“The printing industry is an incredibly challenging environment to work in, but the niche we have created for our products and services has meant that our company continues to go from strength to strength. It’s a great thing to be part of.”


Philip Roe

Philip Roe

Chief Deployment Officer

“Haybrooke’s solutions have had a huge impact on the printing and print buying sectors. Our online procurement platform, PDQ Sales Hub, is  currently calculating in the region of 250,000 supplier quotes per month. Based upon a typical cost of £15 per quote, this means we are saving the supply chain £3.7 million per month!  It‘s not just the money we are saving the industry, it is the time, too. An average RFQ can be processed in our system in less than a second for any number of suppliers. In fact, a print buyer only actually needs to involve a supplier directly so as to give them the final order.

The success the company is now enjoying is well deserved. It is the result of sheer hard work and a lot of inspired thinking.  We set out to make a difference to the printing industry and we are now achieving that goal.”