Jan 2017

  • Haybrooke introduces pdqsaleshub. Instant automatic online pricing and purchase order processing for printers and customers alike. ‘Amazon-like’ front end allows a unique customer experience of buying print and related products.

Sept 2016

  • PDQCompare is successfully migrated over to Microsoft Azure, offering greater scalability and reliability to its clients. The move means that Haybrooke will be able to offer greater file storage capabilities to its clients. It is also a necessity for the upcoming completion of its Digital Asset Management (DAM) module, currently in development.

July 2016

  • Contract Margins feature added to PDQCompare, allowing buyers to agree pricing in advance with the supply chain. Buyers can compare contract pricing with live market pricing to ensure best pricing is achieved ‘on the day’.

June 2016

  • Baseline pricing feature showcased in PDQCompare. This new, flexible tool allows buyers to monitor the performance of selected products against historical pricing trends. Helps demonstrate buying performance to clients over time.