In 2006 a new product emerged in the printing sector – ‘PDQ’.

With its obvious connotation to ‘pretty damn quick’ the acronym actually stands for ‘predictive dynamic quoting’. Today, PDQ sits at the heart of the printing industry itself.

In its early years, PDQ was primarily a printers tool, but it evolved rapidly, serving printers directly in the heart of their businesses as an intelligent estimating  bolt-on to its main MIS. Because it was being used by the printers themselves, PDQ ‘learned’ how to accommodate the peculiarities of the printing industry and it quickly acquired the knowledge of a time-served human estimator.


Quoting speed and consistency

Speed and consistency of the estimating function are facets that are keenly sought by printers. Give two estimators the same quote and they may come up with different answers.  PDQ removed estimating uncertainty and replaced it with a speed and accuracy that human estimators could not compete with.

That is not to say that PDQ did not ‘learn’ a lot from its users – it did. In the early years, the small but dedicated group of printers who used the product provided constant feedback as to how the system might be improved; and, fortunately, there were equally industrious humans – Haybrooke software engineers – who were able to take this feedback and turn it into functioning new features.


PDQ Sales Hub

In 2011, PDQ made a dramatic evolutionary leap; from the desktop to online. It stopped being a product just for printers and became a product for the entire industry. It now became possible for buyers of print to obtain prices directly from the supply chain in minutes.

Whilst not the first in this market, the algorithm embedded within PDQ was arguably the most sophisticated in its class; its flexibility and printing intelligence directly attributable to years servicing the interests of printers. Today, buyers of all shapes and sizes use our platform to source and buy from hundreds of printers worldwide.

PDQ is designed for non-experts, so you do not have to be a specialist in print or knowledgeable in specification writing to use it. As long as you can click on a picture – that is about as taxing as it gets. 

The ‘new way’ of consuming print entirely online using PDQ looks like this:

  • Clicking on a product and editing the specification (if needed)
  • Collecting live supplier pricing automatically and identifying the best value printer in the marketplace
  • Making an informed supplier choice based upon price, performance, delivery and quality
  • Providing or creating artwork, receiving and approving proofs, approving project for production
  • Placing the order with the supplier of your choice
  • Monitoring job progress to final delivery in real time
  • Chatting to an expert at any time online (or face to face if preferred)

This is the future of the printing industry. It has been an exciting journey so far.


It is a journey that has only just begun.