Case Study: ESP Colour


ESP Colour is an award winning print services company delivering powerful, creative print of the highest standards to a world class customer base. Trusted by clients such as Virgin Atlantic, Countrywide and Improve International, ESP create print and distribute effective marketing campaigns and has built an enviable reputation for high calibre service from initial project brief through to final delivery.


As with many companies in this sector, the process of accurately quoting to clients is time consuming and complex. ESP employed a team of expert estimators who used a production based management system to specify client requirements, assess different methods of production, assign costs, apply margins and prepare the quotation for the client or sales person. As the company grew the demands on the estimating team increased to a point where customers were not receiving the highest level of service and ESP were missing out on revenue opportunities.

To solve this bottleneck in the business, ESP turned to PDQ Sales Hub from Haybrooke. The PDQ platform enabled ESP to enter cost rates, operating speeds and parameters for all their pre-production, production and finishing capabilities. The system allowed ESP to define profitability requirements and set customer specific margins and produce branded formatted quotations to clients and send detailed work instructions through to production software – all without manual intervention. The resultant increase in productivity has changed ESP’s business.


By deploying PDQ in its business, ESP has increased the number of quotations it can respond to with fewer estimating staff. As a result,  revenues have increased and response time to clients has been significantly reduced. Moreover, an increasing number of the company’s clients have been enabled to input their own requirements into the system to receive fast and accurate automatic quotations for their various projects and campaigns.

The effect on sales has been significant. Estimate to sales conversion ratios has risen from 20% to 70% in some cases. Today, thousands of quotes are processed by ESP customers every month that the company no longer has to touch in order to provide its estimating service. This ability has set ESP apart from competitors and helped it to win more business. It has enabled ESP to differentiate its offering in a highly competitive market and position itself as a world class, award winning business.

The bottom line

Nick Lee, Managing Director, ESP Colour:

“It’s like having a robotic estimator that works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once the order is placed, ESP is able to import the data into our MIS, collect the artwork and provide live feedback back to PDQ which, in turn, keeps the customer fully up to date. The whole system works seamlessly. PDQ allows us to provide our best service to customers and, simultaneously, gives them comfort that they are buying printed products at the best commercial rates across their supplier base.”