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Our Journey

Transformation. The process of changing something in order to improve it.

Change is something that happens to most businesses and, when it does, it is nearly always needed.

Haybrooke has transformed from being a back-end estimating solutions provider, to a key strategic partner for businesses operating within the print buying marketplace. We help print buyers of all shapes and sizes to buy print more effectively, saving them time and money in the process.

We have evolved and cultivated a new mindset as to how print buying should work. More importantly, our customers have developed new mindsets too. They have been asking for a better, environmentally conscious way to buy print, and we have listened. The result is a print buying portal that not only collects live prices from a national supply chain for immediate comparison, but does it in the most environmentally friendly way possible; carbon balanced.

It started with ‘PDQ’

In its early years, PDQ was primarily a printers tool, serving companies directly in the heart of their businesses as an intelligent estimating  bolt-on to its main MIS. Because it was being used by printers themselves, PDQ learned how to accommodate the peculiarities of the printing production process and, in doing so, quickly became an indispensable solution to our customers.

The journey online

Speed and consistency of the estimating function are facets that are keenly sought by printers. Give two estimators the same quote and they may come up with different answers.  PDQ removed this estimating uncertainty and, building upon its early success, it wasn’t long before it made the inevitable evolutionary leap; from desktop to online.

At a stroke, PDQ stopped being a product just for printers and became a product for the entire industry. It now became possible for buyers of print to obtain prices directly from the supply chain in minutes.

Moreover, the algorithm embedded within PDQ was now the most sophisticated in its class; its flexibility and printing intelligence directly attributable to years servicing the interests of the industry.


A great product or service ought to have a great environmental story; and PDQ has it in spades. Every job placed in the system is carbon balanced at source for our customers. Haybrooke and our customers care deeply about the sustainability of the products sourced through PDQ. This makes us eco-partners, striving towards the same end goals; the health of the planet and the environment upon which we all depend.

The present

Today, buyers of all shapes and sizes use PDQ to source and buy print from a nationwide roster of quality print suppliers. And, every day, we turn yet another modest print buyer, into a print buying legend.

Now, onwards, and upwards!