‘Printing as a Service’.

Imagine as a print buyer, the convenience of obtaining live pricing from a fit-for-purpose, plug-and-play printing supply chain that can be assembled in minutes. A supplier base that is moulded around your print procurement needs and budgets, to give you the best of choice in the marketplace for next to zero effort.

Or perhaps you are a printing company wanting to strategically outsource work to a trusted print supply chain. Like-minded printers with complementary kit who understand your needs and who want to build close and long-lasting partnerships, meaning you never have to worry about your outsourcing requirements again.

You might even be a trade organisation wishing to offer your members additional value for their loyalty by providing them with free access to a nationwide print sourcing portal. One that will allow them to scour the entire marketplace and buy print when they need to with confidence and ease.

Haybrooke’s trade-only print outsourcing service is all these things – and more.

‘Printing as a service’ – or PaaS – provides buyers of print with the freedom and flexibility to build a customised, pre-qualified supply chain in a matter of minutes and obtain immediate live pricing for all types of print, then place orders on the spot. It does not matter if you are a print manager, a reseller, a distributor or a printer, PaaS might be just what you need for your outsourced print requirements.

Here is how it works.


PaaS in 6 easy steps:

  1. Get a price from PDQ for all your printed products. A live price will be returned immediately for every printer in your hand-picked supplier network.
  2. Select the printer you wish to do the job and place your order in PDQ. This is passed automatically to the printer by the system (or you can push an order to PDQ via the API using your own interface).
  3. Keep track of the job at every stage right up to delivery, with built-in production milestones and delivery vehicle tracking.
  4. On job completion, the PaaS supply chain uploads its invoices into PDQ for every job delivered to you.
  5. In turn, we create a single itemised invoice to you at the end of each month containing the details of all jobs delivered by the suppliers you have utilised.
  6. We collect payment by Direct Debit in 30 days EOM and pay suppliers by return upon receipt of your payment.


Pricing Intelligence:

Haybrooke’s PaaS is free to use, with suppliers’ prices being intelligently marginalised by PDQ on-the-fly. This provides a revenue stream for us whilst keeping pricing competitive for you. Suppliers recognise that PDQ helps reduce their cost of sales, especially the cost of sourcing work, estimating, and the general administration of a job. This is reflected in competitive pricing in PDQ.

Moreover, the ‘pricing intelligence’ module that controls all pricing in PaaS is commercially sensitive. This might mean for some common job types no margin is applied. For other types of work, there may be greater flexibility for Haybrooke to share in the savings gain. Because we have access to a large roster of suppliers, PDQ can also spot the ‘capacity gaps’ in the market, which is leveraged to deliver consistently better prices to customers.

In summary, PaaS is the ultimate in technologically delivered gainshare. We win when you win, and that makes PaaS the fairest way for all parties in the value chain to deliver on your print procurement needs.


Customer FAQ’s:

“Is PaaS the same thing as print management?”

No. We are only active in the print procurement process when requested or required to do so. It is better to think of us as the sales and marketing face of the printer, rather than a print manager.

“Who talks to the printer?”

Customers of PaaS communicate directly with the printer for all practical purposes, throughout the print procurement process. This includes getting a price, exchanging proofs and artwork, and agreeing delivery dates with the printer of your choice. Our Print Services department is there to help if needed.

“How do we deal with issues or dispute resolution?”

As the principal contract owner, Haybrooke has an obligation to find a resolution for you if there is an issue or dispute with a printer. If you are unable to satisfactorily resolve a dispute directly, then we will help.

“Will I be sent copies of the supplier invoices for processing?”

No. There is minimal accounts administration for you. You need to handle just one invoice from Haybrooke every month.

“How environmentally friendly are the printers?”

With PaaS, all orders placed by you in PDQ are made carbon neutral by us as part of the service, with nothing extra to pay.

“Are there any additional or hidden charges for my use of PaaS?”

No. PaaS is cost neutral for all parties, customers, and printers alike.