Data security

Haybrooke’s documented commitment to data security is backed up by a comprehensive suite of ISO accreditations at our hosting provider, including: ISO9001; ISO14001; ISO27001; ISO22301; ISO/IEC20000; Cyber Essentials/Cyber Essentials Plus, along with well documented support, data back-up, disaster recovery and maintenance procedures.  McAfee antivirus is used to protect our system from unwanted hacking and intrusion. Additional intrusion detection (IPS) and intrusion prevention (IPS) is achieved through a Cisco FirePOWER protection technology. This all goes to ensure that the customer data we are trusted with is kept safe and secure on our servers.

Physical security

The operation, support and maintenance of our platform hardware and infrastructure is undertaken by our UK-based hosting provider. All customer data is held on physical servers in secure server rooms. No data is stored on hardware outside of locked server rooms. The data centre is physically secure, having 24/7/365 on-site security overseen by SIA accredited security staff, with other physical security measures that includes:

  • 760+ CCTV cameras (both internal and external)
  • 8m prison-grade fencing
  • Razor wire perimeter fencing

The data centre is Tier 3 and has UK Government IL4 capability. All customer data is housed in the secure environment of the data centre. None is kept or stored on-site at Haybrooke offices. Our hosting provider is accredited with ISO 22301 Business Continuity to service its own and its customers operations. Haybrooke has its own documented business continuity plan in place to compliment this.


Our servers are backed up to a dedicated CommVault backup server. In the unlikely event of a system failure or downtime, hardware replacement and a full system restore is guaranteed within one hour. The backup is encrypted in Commvault to AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and features a symmetric key block cipher, winner of the Advanced Encryption Standard Content, adopted as the Government Standard AES 256 – CBC mode. It is the only cipher approved by the National Security Agency to be used for top secret information.


Commvault is an industry-leading provider of backup and recovery services, working globally with over 18,000 clients including Microsoft, NetApp, VMware, Oracle and HP. For six consecutive years, Commvault has been named a Leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. We implement Commvault as standard, to reduce the risk of data loss and improve backup efficiency and robustness in our service offering.


Our solution is a physically redundant (duplicated) architecture throughout (duplicate firewalls, duplicate load balancers and duplicate servers); meaning that a loss of one asset triggers an automatic failover to a redundant partner. A functional ‘cell’ within our infrastructure is therefore completely self-contained: