By John Roche, Haybrooke CEO Whatever industry you happen to be in, the price that customers are willing to pay for your goods and services is rarely the same as the cost of producing them. Market pricing is an economic concept with commonplace familiarity in the printing industry. It is […]

Cost Rates vs Market Pricing

By John Roche, Haybrooke CEO How does becoming more efficient improve the profitability of a printing company? Before we try and answer this question, the notion of ‘efficiency’ must first be understood in a context that is relevant to its greater application. A typical dictionary definition of efficiency will include: well […]

Efficiency: the new way to profit

By John Roche, Haybrooke CEO Hardly anyone in printing really understands just how important cost rates are. Most printers, when they think or talk about costs, tend to think about the overall cost of running their businesses – and not its unit or hourly cost rates. They unconsciously expand the […]

Cost Rates That Lead to Extinction

By John Roche, Haybrooke CEO There is value in agreeing prices in advance with your suppliers; buyers know that. It can speed up the end-to-end procurement process and help deliver savings to customers, too. In sectors where it is easy to calculate pricing for products and services – the ‘widget’ […]

Contract Margins vs Contract Pricing